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Unlike Gro Intelligence, AgFlow gives you access to privileged data.

To make the best international deals, you need privileged insights. AgFlow’s PriceDiscovery gives you access to the most extensive range of privileged and impartial cash prices and freight quotes. So you have the transparent, granular data you need to have an edge over the competition.

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PriceDiscovery is a user-friendly web platform that gives you access to more extensive and granular data sets, collated from a broad range of privileged and transparently listed agricultural data providers across the globe.

Rich, alternative data from trusted sources

Open-source data – like the kind you find through Gro Intelligence – can only take you so far. With PriceDiscovery, you become part of the world’s largest network of agricultural commodities data suppliers. Our data is automatically collated through individual agreements with a broad range of private or privileged sources.

So you can quickly and easily compare a broader range of impartial prices within a single platform, reach out to named contacts at each of our providers and be the first to make the trade that matters.

A genuinely global picture

To make the best international deals, you need the full global picture. All data received from our privileged network of contributors is automatically cleansed and standardized by our systems, before being published directly in our database.

This means that you have more than 150k new quotes on 60 grains, vegoils and oilseed commodities and over 25k freight quote indications at your fingertips each month. Many of our data points are also updated up to several times a day – so you can be confident that you’re working with the latest information.

But our platform doesn’t leave you adrift in a sea of data points. Our user-friendly interface can be filtered by commodity, country, Incoterm or contributor – so you spend less time searching and more time getting the job done.

A focussed approach for more relevant data

By listening to our customers, we have a good grasp of which data points are most useful to active market participants. And we invest our time in developing our partnership network to strengthen coverage in these specific areas. This means that you benefit from more reliable and relevant data that facilitates you and your team’s daily workflow.

We’ve made it our job to make your job easier

The markets never stop evolving, so neither do we. As a young, dynamic team, our strong networks and automated systems allow us to quickly respond to emerging customer needs. Looking to track a specific cash price that’s not yet included in our database? Let us know and we’ll be happy to build it in. In response to customer requests, we’re already working on integrating crop quality, weather, animal feed and rice data and we’d love to discuss your individual needs.


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Always stay one step ahead

We all know that keeping an eye on supply and demand helps you and your company keep ahead of the competition. But relying on government lineup data means that you’re making decisions based on information that’s typically one to three months behind the market.

Thanks to our trusted global network of contacts at over 150 export ports globally, the TradeFlows web platform provides you with clean, privileged grains, oilseeds and vegoils data in days rather than months. And our double coverage model provides you with more accurate and comprehensive data sets, allowing you to make better judgement calls.


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