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Vast quantities of information are out there. The laborious part is gathering, collating, and analyzing it quickly and regularly enough for it to be of use.  AgFlow doesn’t just have the largest database of agricultural information globally, it also constantly receives, reviews, and repackages it so that it is both accessible and actionable.”

Martaxelle Erussard

Commercial Director, MasOceans SA

As a small enterprise, we value efficiency, which is why we have partnered with AgFlow. We don’t have the time to double-check every piece of information in the market, we needed an accurate data provider.

Using AgFlow, we can speed up our workflows by having access to a centralized platform for a vast array of markets and origins. This translates to TEM being able to provide timely and accurate updates both to our public subscribers and our corporate clients.”

Andrew Whitelaw

Agricultural Market Analyst, TEM