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Global market data at your fingertips. Gain access to cash price quotes, freight indications, and trade flows through our all-in-one easy to use platform.

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AgFlow provides a transparent view on real-time price availability and cargo movements globally. This allows you to stay on top of daily market changes and keeping your clients in the know.

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Beyond a data service, AgFlow is a vast network of professionals located all over the world. Leverage AgFlow to expand your reach globally and let your business be visible to new potential clients.

The AgFlow Contributor Program


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Free access to PriceDiscovery & TradeFlows
Discount on TrendDiscovery API & RiskMgmt API


Good quality contributions sent weekly (at minimum)

Free access to PriceDiscovery for cash price quotes and freight              indications Contributors
Free access to TradeFlows for vessel lineups Contributors
Discount on Full Access to AgFlow
Discount on TrendDiscovery API & RiskMgmt API


Minimal and/or infrequent contributions

Discount on any of the AgFlow tools

Why Contributors Join AgFlow?

Before becoming a contributor, I was using a similar tool, but I have never been able to get access to cash prices, market reports, and commentaries as easily as I now do with AgFlow. Becoming a contributor has been extremely beneficial to my business – I am more efficient and more productive. On top of that, I’ve expanded my professional network. AgFlow has made my life easier!

Veysel Kaya – Sunseedman

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Get to know the people behind AgFlow who leading the way at digitalizing agricultural commodities markets with care, humility and grit.

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