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Find the agricultural commodities data you need, hassle-free.

Find cash-prices, vessel flows, and forward curve data for grains, oilseeds, and vegoils. The world’s largest network of agricultural commodities data suppliers for traders, procurement managers, analysts, risk managers, and brokers.

Are you working for the data, or is the data working for you?

Stop wasting time and money

Forget about going through dozens of market reports, digging into hundreds of emails and spending hours on the phone every day.

Stop paying multiple subscriptions to data providers.

Work smart, not hard

Weeding out irrelevant data points, cleaning and structuring raw data into information that makes sense takes a lot of effort. Focus on your core activities instead.

Do not miss trading signals

Stop missing out on opportunities and because you don’t have the data in hand and in time to make the right decisions.

Better decision-making with the largest network of agricultural commodities data suppliers

Effortless, informed and timely decisions

With the most recent updates on cash markets and trade flows at your fingertips, make decisions with the right information at hand.

Unrivaled data accuracy

Our data is sourced from a transparent network, cleaned through a data wrangling process, and delivered with high velocity through its multi-interface front-end.

Complete transparency

We have a 100% open methodology. Our clients know who is behind each data point and are able to get in touch with them directly.

Improved productivity

From tracking cash prices band trade flows to market reports and tenders, all you need is in one powerful platform.

API access

Tailored, fast and secure

Our API access enables you to source selected data in a fast and secure manner. Plug cash price or vessel lineups data directly in your systems without any human interference. Pay only for the data you need and be free to customize them as you want.

Stop paying multiple subscriptions to data providers.



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Leverage over 100,000 new data points every month, sourced from key market contributors worldwide – in total transparency.

New data points per month

The Biggest Agricultural Network At Your Desk

Covering more than 75 commodities available and 200 countries, all within your reach.

Gain competitive agility with our web-based intelligence platform

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