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Find the agricultural commodities data you need, hassle-free.

Find all cash-price, vessel flows, and forward curve data for grains, oilseeds, and vegoils. With AgFlow, traders, procurement managers, brokers, analysts and risk managers make effortless, informed and timely decisions.

Trusted by +200 organizations across the globe

The world’s largest network of agricultural commodities data suppliers.

Spotting the right price has never been easier

Forget about speaking one by one to industry contacts to verify specific price points.

Unsurpassed data accuracy

Our strict and ethical approach ensures that you only get the most reliable data you deserve.

Complete transparency

Entirely upfront about where our agri-data comes from, so you can buy with renewed confidence.

Track only what matters

Utilize our network for vessel line-ups and have immediate access to a worldwide database of shipments in whichever markets and regions are most important to you.

Relevant reporting

Stay connected with up-to-date market reports from our valued contributors.

Evidence-based actions

Value-added tools that empower you to make more informed decisions while saving your time.

Improved productivity

From price tracking and trade flows to market reports and tenders, all you need in one powerful platform.

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