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Bridge the information asymmetry between trading and commodity risk management. With AgFlow, develop now a successful risk management plan.

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Accelerate Your Mark-To-Market

Accelerate Your Mark-To-Market - Commodity risk management
Forward Curves

Algorithmic forward Curves

  • 120+ Complete forward curves daily
  • All curves are accessible before midday CET every day
  • Computed by our proprietary machine learning algorithm
  • Based on 7 years of historical data
  • By API or .CSV downloads

Add Accuracy & Power
to Your Risk Management Reporting

Freight Indication

Intra-day Updates on Freight Rate Indications

  • 8k to 9k new rates every week
  • On 850+ routes
  • 6-month historical spot prices, 12-month forward curves
Add Accuracy and Power to Your Commodity Risk Management Reporting

Benchmark Your Commodity Risk Management Portfolio

Benchmark Your Commodity Risk Management Portfolio
CFR Matrices

CFR Matrices

  • AgFlow CFR prices series are generated by merging raw FOB quotes and raw freight prices
  • Ensure that you mark your positions to the most efficient executions
Market Signals

Trade Flows

  • Tracking 755+ Mmt of Grains, Oilseeds, and Vegoils demand yearly, at loading point of time
  • 2,000+ Vessels Tracked
  • 800+ Ports Covered
  • Exclusive data from Alphamar, NABSA, and more

AgFlow in Numbers

Commodities Tracked

New Data Points Monthly

Countries Covered


Perfect Commodity Risk Management With the AgFlow Method

Every day, we collect raw data from our network of 130+ fully vetted top-tier sources, aggregate it through proprietary state-of-the-art technology, and redistribute it across the entire Ag value chain.

The Agflow Method to Enable You to Correctly Assess Your Value-At-Risk

An Unmatched Agricultural Database

An Unmatched Agricultural Database for commodity risk management