Optimize Freight ExecutionWith Dry Bulk & Wet Cargo Rates

View Grains, Oilseeds, and Vegoils freight markets from a global perspective across 900 routes globally. Complete your trading scenarios with 2,500+ dry bulk and wet cargo freight rate indications daily.


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3 Reasons to Source Dry Bulk Freight Rates on AgFlow

Worldwide Coverage
Market Signals

Optimize Freight Execution

Find the freight rate indications that work for you among 2,500 daily updates.

View Freight Rate From a Global Perspective

Access 2,500+ daily freight rate updates from 900+ routes globally.

Build Trading Scenarios

Thanks to 6-month historicals and 12-month forward curves charts.

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Dry Bulk & Wet Cargo Freight Rates

View freight markets from a global perspective across 800 ports and with 2,500 daily updates to:

Market Research

Market Research

Complete trading scenarios forecasts
Access current and historical freight rate indications



Forecast how freight impacts your sourcing plans
Ensure optimal execution of your annual supply purchase

Risk Management

Risk Management

View how freight impacts the P&L
Use freight rates as a benchmark for Mark-to-Market
Use freight rates as a benchmark VaR reconciliation



Find the best freight execution for the cargoes you’re planning to move

Find the Best Freight Executions

View the last & current month's freight indications as long as the next 12-month forward indications.

Find the best dry bulk rate executions

See Loading and Discharge Rate

See the loading and unloading rates for all freight indications to get a better estimate of your costs at the port.

See Loading & Discharge Rate of Dry Bulk Rates

Benchmark Your Current/Past Executions

View spot freight rate indications evolution (last 6 months) and 12-month forward curve graphs. Click to download any graph.

Benchmark Your Current/Past Freight Executions

Identify the Best CFR Execution

Thanks to our CFR prices generator, we release 19,000 CFR indications daily to:

  • Anticipate changes in supply & demand
  • Generate new execution ideas on 269 routes
  • Fill the gaps where CFR quotes are missing

The AgFlow Method to Collect Dry Bulk Rates Data

Every day, we receive 2,500 new dry bulk rates from our network of 7 freight agents, aggregate them through proprietary state-of-the-art technology, and redistribute it across the entire agricultural commodities value chain.

The AgFlow Method to Collect Dry Bulk Rates Data

What Our Clients Have to Say

"I strongly recommend AgFlow to other traders or brokers dealing locally and willing to expand beyond their region, as such market data and information are not easy to get for smaller players."

Nikola Sindjic

Trader, Agroglobe


Maximize Your ROI

We show you the daily transaction summaries received from our global network of 120+ brokers & traders. What you get is the actual market value of 6,000+ Grains, Oilseeds, and Vegoils quotes every day and 9,000+ freight rates weekly to ensure that you have the best execution!

Risk Management

Control Market Risk

Gain a consolidated view of risks and build high-level risk models thanks to AgFlow, get the full picture of your market and quantify the risks that your company’s activity can generate and reduce their impact.


Optimize Sourcing Costs

Every day, we collect raw data from our proprietary network of 130+ brokers & traders, structure it and aggregate and standardize it. Access thousands of quotes and import/export data on a daily basis in order to benchmark your prices and follow the demand.