About AgFlow

Digitalizing Agricultural Markets, to lead the advent of a transparent
and resilient global Agricultural supply chain.

Our Background

In 2019, AgFlow was recrafted by fierce Ags and Digitalization proponents who wanted to turn opaque, old-school, and broken Agricultural markets into transparent, digital, and resilient spaces. We are headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our Approach

The world has now entered an era where demand is increasingly exceeding production, creating unprecedented market volatility and more opacity. At AgFlow, we believe that resilience is critical for survival in this uncertain economic period and can only be achieved through digital transformation.

We are therefore on a mission to be the first, end-to-end data partner of the entire value chain, collecting, aggregating and redistributing data in the most meaningful and actionable format possible.

Nabil Mseddi

CEO & Co-founder, AgFlow SA

Four Embedded Values Which Make Us Unique

Ardent Passion

Each member of the AgFlow family is a fierce proponent of Agriculture and digitalization and is committed to making a difference in this market.

Relentless execution

We have a relentless commitment to be as creative as possible to deliver to our clients what they need and get stuff done to address any physical cash markets’ data need.

Data democracy

We believe that data and information belong to the stakeholders who generate it. We aim to give access to good data regardless of one’s capacity and resources to collect and process it.

Ground presence

Agricultural markets are highly fragmented, old-school, and local, hence the necessity to have a territorial presence in each of our core markets to work in proximity to our partners and clients and build unique relationships.

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