The most comprehensive source for cash prices
on grains, oilseeds,
and vegoils

We aggregate data from hundreds of key market players worldwide, into a practical interface, so you don’t have to. PriceDiscovery is the world’s most comprehensive cash prices source for grains, oilseeds, and vegoils. Test our database to make sure you’re not missing anything.

The end of the data collection struggle

Stop wasting time compiling multiple data sources

If you are trading, purchasing, or even just gathering intelligence about what is going on in the market, you probably have to go through dozens of market reports and dig into hundreds of emails every day before you can finally find the cash price you were looking for. 

Better data,
better decision making 

Make effortless, informed, and timely decisions because we have already collected, cleaned, and structured the data for you

With PriceDiscovery, you will save hours worth of research, data entry, and manual corrections every day. And you will always find the cash price data you need. We make the data work for you. Not the other way around.

Easy-of-mind for buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities who wantto simplify and accelerate their data collection

Worldwide Coverage

So you can see other markets situations and not miss any opportunity. Filter cash prices for all countries and all incoterms, on 75 grains, vegoils,
and oilseeds products.

Structured Data Sets

To perform robust analyses.
Because each and every price quote shares
the same meta data structure.

Known Data Providers

Full transparency on who is providing the data to enable you to get in touch with them directly. We provide you the names and direct contact details of each cash price data provider.

7-day free trial

No credit card required. Request a free trial for the world’s most comprehensive source for agricultural commodities cash prices and see how AgFlow helps you saves you time in data collection and improves your decision making.

Integration of new data on request

Customer expectations are always evolving; that’s why AgFlow is flexible. Whether you are looking to track physical quote or trade flows that are not currently part of our database, we can help by integrating the data you need on request.
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Spend less time on data collection.
More on market analysis.

Get straight to the point with AgFlow.