Foresee Price Changes With Live Agriculture Supply and Demand

Stay ahead of the curve with AgFlow’s unrivaled agriculture supply and demand tracking tool. Monitor Grains, Oilseeds, and Vegoils markets across 800+ ports on 2,000 vessels and anticipate price changes. Track more than 755 million metric tons of cargo annually up to seven months before customs clearance. Compare today’s figures with last year’s to know where the market is headed.


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4 Reasons to Get Agriculture
Supply & Demand Data From AgFlow

Supply & Demand
Market Signals
Market Signals

Anticipate World Ag Supply & Demand

Track 755+ Mmt transported by sea yearly up to seven months before customs.

Get a Clear Picture of Where the Market Is Headed

Compare today's figures with last year's data.

Anticipate Price Changes

Monitor Grains, Oilseeds, & Vegoils markets across 800+ ports.

Download the Aggregated Volumes as Charts & Spreadsheets

AgFlow's Agriculture Supply & Demand in Numbers

Tons of Cargo Tracked Yearly

Ports Covered

Vessels Tracked Monthly

Who Benefits From AgFlow’s
Agriculture Supply and Demand Tool?

Follow the global demand variations over the last years and view the demand for the next two months thanks to the most accurate and timely trade flows data available on the market to:

Leverage Market Volatility

  • Vessel lineup data is the backbone of supply & demand analysis
  • View 94% of global import & export flows
  • Track cargoes in real-time
Leverage Agricultural Market Volatility

Unlock All Vessel Details

  • Track cargoes of 2,000 monthly vessels in real-time thanks to AIS data
  • Unlock all vessel details, incl. vessel name, volume, export & import port
Unlock All Vessel Details

Refine Your Search

  • View all flows by destination or origin and by month or quarter
  • Filter flows by commodity, import or export country, and date
Refine Your Agriculture Supply & Demand Search

Track World Production & Consumption

View how national production and consumption variables have evolved since 2013. Get weekly or monthly updates on supply and demand data derived from the national balance sheets of 9 agricultural agencies:

    • ABARES
    • CGC
    • CONAB
    • Comex Stat
    • European Commission
    • Gafta
    • International Grains Council
    • Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganaderia y Pesca
    • USDA
Track World Production & Consumption

How We Collect Agriculture Supply & Demand Data

Boots-on-the-Ground Method

Every day, our world-renowned network of port agents, inspection companies & shipping firms sends us the lineups of virtually all vessels transporting Grains, Oilseeds or Vegoils. We then clean the data received to eliminate duplicates and errors and standardize it into one format to display the global supply and demand of Grains, Oilseeds, and Vegoils on AgFlow.

The AgFlow Method to Collect Agriculture Supply & Demand Data

What Our Clients Have to Say

"I strongly recommend AgFlow to other traders or brokers dealing locally and willing to expand beyond their region, as such market data and information are not easy to get for smaller players."

Nikola Sindjic

Trader, Agroglobe


Maximize Your ROI

We show you the daily transaction summaries received from our global network of 120+ brokers & traders. What you get is the actual market value of 6,000+ Grains, Oilseeds, and Vegoils quotes every day and 9,000+ freight rates weekly to ensure that you have the best execution!

Risk Management

Control Market Risk

Gain a consolidated view of risks and build high-level risk models thanks to AgFlow, get the full picture of your market and quantify the risks that your company’s activity can generate and reduce their impact.


Optimize Sourcing Costs

Every day, we collect raw data from our proprietary network of 130+ brokers & traders, structure it and aggregate and standardize it. Access thousands of quotes and import/export data on a daily basis in order to benchmark your prices and follow the demand.