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Fundamental Analysis: Supply


National Supply & Demand Forecasts

– Live Updates From Major Agricultural Agencies
– 100% Global Coverage

Weather Impact on Crops

– Historical Weather Data Series s. 2014
– 190 weather stations & 5-Y Average Variation Curves
– NDVI, Soil Moisture, Soil Water Index, Temperature

Crop Quality Monitoring (Only for Wheat)

– Historical Crop Data Series s. 2016
– Exclusive SGS Crop Data (1,000 Updates/Month)
– 60% Coverage of World Wheat Production

    Fundamental Analysis: Demand


    Trade Flows

    – Tracking 755 Mmt of Grains, Oilseeds & Vegoils Demand yearly, at loading point of time
    – 2,000+ Vessels Tracked
    – 600+ Ports Covered
    – Exclusive Data from SGS, Alphamar, NABSA, and more

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      Proprietary AgFlow Data Analyses

      – Unique Viewpoint on Ag Markets
      Weekly In-Depth Market Analyses

      Market Reports

      – From 21 Brokerage & Consulting Firms
      – 30 New Reports/Week


      Algorithmic Forward Curves

      – 120+ Complete Forward Curves Daily
      – Proprietary Machine Learning Algorithm

      Analyze Cash & Freight Market Trends


      Historical Data Available since 2013
      By API or .csv Downloads


      Cash Quotes

      – 7.1m historical data points consisting of bids, asks, and transactions
      – +5-10k new quotes on a daily basis


      Freight Rate Indications

      – 2m historical data points consisting of freight quotes on +600 routes
      – +9-10k new rates on a weekly basis

      Find the Best Cash & Freight Executions



      Intra-day Updates on Cash Prices

      – +5-10k new quotes on a daily basis
      – Based on realized bids & asks
      – 1-year historical spot prices, forward curves


      Intra-week Updates on Freight Rate Indications

      – +9-10k new rates on a weekly basis
      – On 600+ Routes
      – 6-months historical spot prices, 12-months forward curves 

      “There simply is no alternative out there, it’s either you collect all the data from different sources or you get AgFlow. AgFlow is the most complete spot and forward cash price data provider we could find.”

      Harm de Wilde

      Agri-commodity Market Analyst, Cefetra BV

      The AgFlow Coverage

      Commodities Tracked

      New Cash Quotes Monthly

      New Freight Quotes Monthly

      Trusted Sources

      The AgFlow Method

      Every day, we collect raw data from our network of 130+ fully vetted top-tier sources, aggregate it through proprietary state-of-the-art technology, and redistribute it across the entire Ag value chain.

      The AgFlow Data Landscape

      Join by 1,000+ of the agricultural market players