Will Bulgaria Wheat Export Pace Continue With the New Crop?


Jun 22, 2022 | Agricultural Markets News

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Bulgaria is one of the main Wheat exporters in the Black Sea, along with Romania, Ukraine, & Russia. Thanks to a bumper crop in MY 21/22, Wheat exports increased in Aug, Sep, & Oct by 692, 469, & 210 kmt YoY, respectively.  As the Ukrainian conflict started at the end of Feb 22, Bulgaria exports picked up as one of the safest and cheapest Black Sea origins. Indeed, Bulgaria Wheat exports increased in Mar 231 kmt YoY, and again by 416 kmt in May. During the season, Bulgaria increased Wheat exports by 1.9 Mmt YoY. In MY 22/23, Bulgaria is expected to harvest a similar crop. With Ukraine’s export pace at a fraction of its usual capacity, will Bulgaria export pace increase even more?

Bulgaria Wheat Exports In Marketing Year 2021/2022

Bulgaria Wheat Exports 2021-22

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