Ukraine Ports Exports Reflect Russian Advance


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After +100 days of conflict in Ukraine, exports have stopped and started again slightly in Ukraine ports, particularly in the Odesa Oblast. Russia’s strategy to redirect its effort on territories bordering the Black Sea is reflected in Ukraine’s operational ports’ dynamics. Nikolaev (Миколаїв) is currently facing pressure from Russia’s advance, and exports declined 4.93 Mmt YoY between Mar & May 2022. Similarly, Chornomorsk (Чорномо́рськ) & Yuzhny (Южне) exports declined by 3.86 & 2.44 Mmt YoY due to the pressure of bombings and the Russian fleet blockade. However, export from the Westernmost ports of Izmail (Ізмаїл) & Reni (Рені) grew by 200 & 222 kmt, respectively, as they are more protected by their proximity to Romania.

Odesa Oblast’s Ports Exports Between Mar & May 2022

Ukraine Odessa Oblast Ports Exports From Mar to May 2022

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