Turkmenistan to Become a Transit Hub of Kazakh Wheat


Dec 23, 2022 | Agricultural Markets News

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The grain field of Turkmenistan occupies approximately 690 thousand hectares of land, from which 1 million 400 thousand tons of grain will be harvested in 2023, including 400 thousand tons in Ahal region, 345 thousand tons in Mary, 310 thousand tons in Lebap, 265 thousand tons in Dashoguz and 80 thousand tons in Balkan.

Turkmen farmers prepared with exceptional care for a responsible campaign, having timely plowed and fertilized agricultural land intended for next year’s Wheat harvest. Also, high-quality seeds of such productive varieties of food Wheat such as Sähraýy, Ýolöten-3, Juwan, Ýolöten-1, Miras, Berkarar, Garaşsyzlyk, Bitarap were prepared in advance.

Winter Wheat planting is well-finished in all provinces of the country. This season, Wheat was planted on 690,000 hectares of land in Turkmenistan. Farmers of Ahal Velayat sowed 195,000 hectares to grow 400,000 tons of white Wheat. For this, a sufficient number of seed varieties such as “Miras,” “Kalym,” “Alekseich,” “Batko,” “Bezostaya – 100”, “Yuka,” “Bagrat,” “Sahrayi,” “Irishka,” “Bezostaya – 100”, “Sahrayi,” and “Irishka” were used.

Fifty thousand hectares of food Wheat seeds have been sown in the Balkan province, and it is planned to harvest at least 80,000 tons of sorghum grain from it in the next year’s harvest season. Farmers of North Velayat planted 145 thousand hectares to harvest 265,000 tons of Wheat. During the planting season, 2,300 light tractors, more than 520 cultivators, and 600 tractors worked without interruption.

This year, 130,000 hectares of land were allocated for planting Wheat in the region near Jeyhun. It is expected that 310,000 tons of Wheat will be harvested in the next harvest season in the province. For the first time, Wheat varieties “Berkarar” created by Turkmen breeders, “Alekseich”, and “Bezosty – 100” purchased from the Russian Federation were planted in the eastern region.

Farmers of Murgap Valley cultivated Wheat on 170,000 hectares this season. More than 39,000 tons of seeds were prepared in Mary province for the planting season. In this season, tested Wheat varieties such as “Yoleten-1”, “Yoleten-3”, “Batko,” and “Bagrat” were planted in the main part of the grain fields of the region.

According to the USDA data, in MY2021/2022, Turkmenistan’s Wheat area harvested and production was 850,000 hectares and 0.9 million tons, respectively, with a yield of 1.06 tons/ha. Domestic consumption was 1.47 million tons, with an import volume of 0.5 million tons. This year, one ton of Wheat produced more than the plan would be handed over to the State for 1,600 manats. For MY2022/2023, the Wheat area harvested and production is estimated at 850,000 hectares and 1.1 million tons, respectively, with a 1.29 tons/ha yield. Domestic consumption was 1.47 million tons, with an import volume of 0.4 million tons.

Turkmenistan’s Wheat Cooperation With Kazakhstan

Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan plan to build an elevator to store 100,000 tons of Kazakh Wheat in Serhetabat district of Mary province of Turkmenistan (on the Turkmen-Afghan border), with equity participation. The Deputy Prime Minister of Turkmenistan announced it on July 5. The elevator will help to establish cooperation with Kazakhstan on Wheat and flour transit through Turkmenistan to Afghanistan. It will contribute to speed up transportation and to make it regular. Besides, Wheat exports to other countries will be shipped through this terminal.

Kazakhstan’s President Tokayev wishes to increase the supply of Wheat to Turkmenistan. It would be provided on what the Kazakh leader described as “mutually beneficial terms.” Kazakhstan is prepared, in return, to “significantly increase imports of Turkmen (natural) gas.” It means cheap Wheat for cheap gas. In January-July this year, the country imported 217.9 thousand tons of Wheat and meslin (a mixture of Wheat and rye) worth USD78.7 million from Kazakhstan.

Other sources: TDH GOV

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