Russian Wheat Quality Is “Four”


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In Russia, the harvesting of Grain crops crossed the “equator.” More than 105 million tons were harvested (in bunker weight). This was reported by the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, D. Patrushev, at the operational meeting on August 30. Most experts in the Grain market predict the second harvest after last year’s record.

In the country, in 43 regions, the winter sowing started. Currently, 1.7 million hectares have been sown, with plans to sow 20 million hectares with winter crops. Thanks to the measures taken in the fertilizer market, the situation is stable – the purchase volume now exceeds the previous level, reports the department.

According to AgFlow data, Russia shipped 26.3 million tons of Wheat abroad in Jan – July 2023. Russia’s largest Wheat export market was Turkey (1.2 million tons) in July 2023. The following markets were Egypt (0.87 million tons), Saudi Arabia (0.5 million tons), Israel (0.4 million tons), and Algeria (0.35 million tons).

Wheat Quality in Russia

Grain harvest in Russia is large, but there are more questions about its quality. There are more worries about its quality than last year, according to a survey conducted by Interfax. If in the southern and some other regions, the quality does not cause particular concern, and farmers expect to sell their crops, including for export profitably. In others, they do not rule out problems, including losses of up to 10% of the proceeds from the sale of Wheat. It turns out like that loaf – well baked in the south but seriously soaked in the center.

According to the Center for Grain Quality Assessment (a department of Rosselkhoznadzor), the share of food Wheat (grades 1-4) exceeds 70% of the surveyed volume. Preliminary estimates were conducted on August 21. Feed Wheat accounts for 29.4%. Wheat tests are carried out according to 15 leading quality indicators (protein mass fraction, quantity and quality of gluten, vitreousness, humidity, weed and Grain impurities, etc.)

As per Rosselkhoztsentr, cited by Presidential Adviser – pricing expert of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Rostov Region Yuri Kornyush, quality indicators in the Southern District are higher: 89.9% of the examined Grain is occupied by Wheat of 1-4 classes.

In the Rostov region, according to the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the region, Konstantin Rachalovsky, this year, the Grain harvest by 1 million tons exceeded last year’s historical record; the share of food Wheat in it accounts for 82%. “The average yield this year was 44.4 centners per hectare, 5.2% higher than last year. The basis in the Donskoy loaf is 13.7 million tons of winter Wheat, 446 thousand tons more than last year,” Rachalovsky said.

In the Krasnodar Territory, Wheat yields this year are lower than last year (58 centners per hectare versus 67.4 centners per hectare) due to prolonged rains. However, preliminary data on its quality, as reported by the testing laboratories of the Novorossiysk branch of the Center for Grain Quality Assessment, indicate that more than 80% of the studied volume of Wheat refers to food.

As per Kuban Agricultural Information and Consulting Center under the regional Ministry of Agriculture, out of the 8.82 million tons of Wheat, 58% falls on Wheat of the 4th class, 28% – of the third class, and 14% – of the fifth class. Thus, the share of food Wheat was 86%. Last year, according to the results of the harvesting campaign, 90% of the harvested Grain was food Grain.

In the Stavropol Territory, the regional Ministry of Agriculture reported that the share of food Wheat accounted for 74.5% of the surveyed volume, including 3 classes – 24.3%, 4 classes – 50.2%, 5 classes – 25.5%.

In the Orenburg region, according to preliminary data from the regional Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Food, and Processing Industry, the share of food Grain is 74% of the surveyed volume, feed – is 26%. These figures were 57% and 43% a year ago, respectively.

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