Mexico Corn Imports Decrease In 2022


Jun 30, 2022 | Agricultural Markets News

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Mexico is the largest importer of Corn from the US and relies heavily on this supply to fulfill the domestic demand, as it serves as animal feed and a staple food. Despite a strong start in early 22, with Jan & Feb imports increasing by 303 & 205 kmt respectively, Mexico Corn imports decreased YoY, starting in Mar by 355 kmt, by 223 kmt in May, & 244 kmt in Jun. Overall, Mexico imported ~7.78 Mmt in the first half of 22, ~357 kmt less YoY. The most recent USDA reports estimate that Mexico imports will increase by 200 kmt in 22/23, reaching 17.7 Mmt. Is Mexico slowing down as it waits for the Brazilian market, or is the demand waning? 

Mexico Monthly Corn Imports Between Jan & Jun 2022

2022 Mexico Corn Imports

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