Egypt Sought Corn In Brazil & Romania As Alternative to Ukraine in 2022


Aug 16, 2022 | Agricultural Markets News

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Egypt was one of Ukraine’s top Corn importers before the war. Due to the blockade in the Black Sea, Egypt had to seek other sources of Corn. Indeed, Egypt favored its Brazil & Romania Corn pipelines, increasing imports by 481.5 & 284.4 kmt YoY between Jan & Aug. Moreover, Egypt imported Corn from Poland & Russia during the period, which it did not at the same time last year. Nonetheless, Egypt lost most of the supply from its major pipelines, decreasing imports from the US, Argentina, & (necessarily) Ukraine by 484 kmt, 465 kmt, & 2.03 Mmt YoY. Yet, the US & Argentina have available supplies. Did Corn pricing influence Egypt’s Corn Import pipelines?

Figure 2: Egypt Corn Imports By Origin Between Jan & Aug 2022

Egypt Corn Imports By Origin Between Jan & Aug 2022

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