Canada Short Barley Supply Lead to Extraordinary Imports in 2021/22


Aug 25, 2022 | Agricultural Markets News

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While Canada Barley exports tumbled in 21/22, the Barley supply did not manage to satisfy domestic consumption. As a net exporter of Barley, Canada Barley imports usually remain low, importing only ~41 kmt in 20/21, mainly from France. Exceptionally, Canada imported 135 kmt Barley from competitor Australia to meet the demand and some of its reserves. Moreover, though in small volumes, the US increased Barley exports to Canada by 2.3 kmt YoY. Overall, Canada Barley imports (proportionally) surged 109.9 kmt YoY, reaching 150.3 kmt in 21/22. Consequently, 22/23 Canada Barley supply started lower, which will pressure export prices.

Figure: Canada Barley Imports Between Aug 2021 & Jul 2022

Canada Barley Imports Origin MY 2021-22

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