Canada Barley Exports Rose in South Korea But Couldn’t Fulfill China in 2022


Aug 23, 2022 | Agricultural Markets News

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In 20/21, Canada Barley exports rose to China as political tensions with Australia led the country to source premium Barley from other origins. In 21/22, Canada could not follow the previous year’s pace, and Barley exports to China decreased by 1.7 Mmt (-50%) YoY. This downtrend also happened in the formerly top 2 and 3 destinations, with Barley exports to Japan & the US down by 79 & 53 kmt YoY, respectively. Nonetheless, Canada Barley exports found solace in South Korea, rising 127 kmt YoY. With Canada Barley occupying a lower share of almost all its top markets, which origin did importers turn to in 21/22?

Figure : Canada Barley Exports Destination Between Aug 2021 & Jul 2022

Canada Barley Exports Destination MY 2021-22

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