Brazil Corn Exports Compete With Argentina in Egypt, Thrives in Iran in 2022


Jul 14, 2022 | Agricultural Markets News

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Iran & Egypt are major Corn importers and the top 2 destinations for Brazil Corn exports. In Egypt, Brazil Corn increased its market share as imports rose ~333 kmt YoY while Argentina Corn imports decreased 72 kmt YoY in H1 22. The conflict in Ukraine also helped Brazil in this instance, as Ukraine Corn imports dropped 1.84 Mmt over the period YoY. Moreover, Brazil thrives in Iran and even more so in 22. Indeed Brazil Corn imports surged by 1.47 Mmt YoY, the most considerable growth for any competing origins. Meanwhile, Russia & Romania Corn exports also benefitted from the situation, increasing by 204 & 255 kmt YoY.

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