Argentina Soybean Meal Gained Renewed Interest in 2022


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Argentina is the largest exporter of Soybean Meal & Soybean Oil globally. In the first half of 22, Argentina saw its exports to Vietnam increase by 569 kmt YoY. More impressively, Turkey Soybean Meal imports increased by 857 kmt YoY for the same period, due notably to the loss of Ukraine Corn supply for Feed. Meanwhile, although remaining the 2nd & 3rd-largest importers of goods Indonesia & Spain decreased imports by 398 kmt & 243 kmt YoY from Jan through Jun 22. Overall, Argentina exported ~19 Mmt of Soybean Meal in just six months, improving by 1.13 Mmt from the previous year. With the current truck strike blocking the supply chain, will Argentina continue the upward trend?

Argentina Soybean Meal Exports Top 10 Destinations By Volume Between Jan & Jun 2022

Argentina Top 10 Soybean Meal Destinations Between Jan & Jun 2022

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