Where Does the US Import Wheat From?


Aug 11, 2022 | Agricultural Markets News

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As a net exporter of Wheat, the US only imports a small amount of Wheat from a limited number of countries depending on domestic supply availability. However, US Wheat imports have increased since 18. Indeed, in 18, the US imported 11.2 kmt of Wheat, rising by 44 & 382 kmt YoY in 19 and 20, respectively. The primary origin for US Wheat imports is Canada, representing ~ 81% of all US Wheat imports since 18, with 802 kmt. So far, on Aug 22, the US only imported ~105 kmt of Wheat. Therefore, unless the US picks up the pace in H2 22, Wheat imports should follow the downward trend set in 21, as imports decreased ~52 kmt YoY, affecting mainly Canada but with little to no consequences on its global exports.

US Wheat Import Origins By Volume By Year Since 2018

US Wheat Imports Origin Between 2018 & 2022 By Year - LinkedIn

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