Romania – The 6th Largest Corn Exporter in the World


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Aug 27, 2023 | Agricultural Markets News

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Last year, Romania ranked first in the European Union for Sunflowers in terms of production and cultivated area, with a total harvest of 2.079 million tons from 1.082 million hectares. However, the production of Sunflower Seeds was lower last year by almost 27% compared to 2021, respectively, by 765,000 tons, with the cultivated area registering a decrease of 42,000 hectares, according to the provisional data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

Romanian farmers could get this year, on average, only 2.16 tons of Sunflowers per hectare, 11% below the average of the last five years but 12% above 2021, an inferior agricultural year, according to the latest forecast of The European Commission. With Romania being the largest Sunflower producer in Europe, the European Sunflower forecast suffered the strongest downward revision of all the monitored crops, reaching 5% below the five-year average.

Romania would have the second most significant yield reduction among the member states, while Estonia would produce 40% less than the average of the last five years. Commission analysts expect an average yield of 2.12 tons per hectare at the EU level, with a maximum of 2.98 tons per hectare in Hungary and a minimum of 0.7 tons in Estonia, where production could drop by 40% compared to the average of the last five years and by 22% compared to the previous year.

As for the yield outlook for winter grains, forecast averages are close to historical and better than last year. The Commission estimates an average yield of 5.03 tons per hectare for grain Corn, 7% below the average of the last five years but 67% above last year. Compared to the average of the previous five years, Romania could have the second largest drop in production per hectare in the EU, after Portugal (minus 10%).

“Harvesting winter grains is hampered by frequent rainfall. General conditions for summer crops are adequate in the country’s west but have weakened in the east. Also, in the regions with significant grain production in eastern Romania, the water supply for summer crops is limited, with adverse effects on crop growth.

Overall, the yield outlook for grain Corn and Sunflowers has become more pessimistic, and our yield forecasts have been reduced below the five-year average,” the Commission said in a report.

As for Wheat, forecasts were adjusted upwards from June, from 4.26 tons per hectare to 4.73 tons per hectare, 10% above the five-year average and 13% more than in 2021.

Last year’s grain Soybean production was down 106,000 tons from 2021, totaling 242,000 tons, and Canola production was down 152,000 tons to 1.223 million tons. Soybean area decreased by 6,000 hectares last year to 134,000 hectares, while Rapeseed area increased by 21,000 hectares (467,000 hectares in 2022).

Romania – The 6th Largest Corn Exporter in the World

Corn Trade in Romania

According to AgFlow data, Romania exported 52,500 tons of Corn to Spain in July 2023, followed by South Korea (51,500 tons), Tunisia (33,000 tons), and Egypt (15,000 tons).  Total imports hit 0.18 million tons in July 2023.

In 2021, Romania exported Corn worth $1.92 billion, making it the 6th largest exporter of Corn in the world. In the same year, Corn was Romania’s 6th most shipped product. The leading destination of Corn exports from Romania is Iran ($342 million), Spain ($331 million), Egypt ($143 million), the Netherlands ($104 million), and Italy ($97.9 million).

In 2021, Romania imported Corn worth $659 million, becoming the world’s 22nd most significant importer of Corn. In the same year, Corn was Romania’s 28th most imported product. Romania imports Corn primarily from Serbia ($302 million), Hungary ($146 million), Bulgaria ($88.8 million), France ($60.8 million), and Moldova ($16 million).

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