Poland: Record-Breaking Rapeseed Processing


Jun 13, 2023 | Agricultural Markets News

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In 2022, Rapeseed processing in pressing plants associated with the Polish Association of Oil Producers amounted to 3.27 million tons, remaining practically at the same level as in the record-breaking 2021. An exceptionally high supply of Rapeseed after harvest translated into record-breaking seed processing from the perspective of the second half of the year when PSPO members managed 1.69 million tons.

Also noteworthy is the more excellent supply of crude Oil, that 1.35 million tons were produced in 2022 compared to 1.32 million tons in 2021. This means the processed Rapeseed was of good quality and had a higher average Oil content than in previous years. In turn, refined Oil production in 2022 amounted to 547 thousand tons, which means an increase of 22,000 compared to last year.

High domestic harvests and, in general, the change in the situation in agricultural markets increased the dynamics of domestic press operations, which will hopefully continue in 2023, helping to stabilize the situation in agriculture. Thanks to the high throughput, in 2022, we were also the leading supplier of domestic high-protein feed in the form of Rapeseed meal and cake in the amount of almost 1.9 million tons – said Mariusz Szeliga, President of the Management Board of the Polish Association of Oil Producers.

In the second quarter of 2022, we observed a record, over 46%, share of refined Rapeseed Oil, which was a direct reaction of the domestic industry to the additional demand in the face of the food Oil supply chains on the European market interrupted by the war. However, the situation in the second half of the year stabilized quickly, and the percentage of raffinate dropped to less than 38%, which strengthens the role of the biofuels sector in the development of Rapeseed grown in Poland and indicates excellent opportunities in this respect from the domestic biodiesel production chain – summed up Adam Stępień, General Director PSPO.

In 2020, Oil mill processing plants’ rape seed processing reached 3.15 million tons compared to 2.96 million tons of seeds in 2019. PSPO explains that breaking the record was possible thanks to a higher domestic supply of rape seed. Poland is the only significant producer of rape seed in the European Union to increase domestic supplies, which confirms the significant interest of Polish farmers in this plant.

Thanks to it, Poland remains Europe’s leading producer of rape seed Oil. The Association pointed out ‘lower Oil content in seeds’ in 2019 as it reached, on average, 40%, whereas during the previous years, it was at 42-44%. This means lower Oil processing from the seeds. Oil is used in the production of biofuel and consumption. In total, 1.25 million tons of this Oil were produced in 2020.

Poland – 7th Largest Importer of Rapeseed Oil

In 2021, Poland exported Rapeseed Oil worth $141 million, making it the world’s 16th largest exporter of Rapeseed Oil. In the same year, Rapeseed Oil was Poland’s 341st exported product. The leading destination of Rapeseed Oil exports from Poland is Germany ($75.9 million), Czechia ($13.3 million), Lithuania ($10.9 million), Slovakia ($10.6 million), and Sweden ($6.05 million). The fastest-growing export markets for Rapeseed Oil in Poland between 2020 and 2021 were Germany ($37.4 million), Slovakia ($9.02 million), and Lithuania ($5.69 million).

In 2021, Poland imported Rapeseed Oil worth $348 million, becoming the world’s 7th largest importer of Rapeseed Oil. In the same year, Rapeseed Oil was Poland’s 226th most imported product. Poland imports Rapeseed Oil primarily from: Czechia ($75 million), Belarus ($63.6 million), Ukraine ($63.4 million), Germany ($56.4 million), and Austria ($38 million).

Other sources: AGRONOMIST

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