Indonesia Palm Oil Exports On the Rise Again


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Since Nov 21, Indonesia saw its Palm Edible Oils exports decrease drastically every month with Palm Oil & Olein exports dipping by 853 kmt YoY combined, with the exception of Feb 22, which saw exports increase by ~141 kmt YoY. As the supply continued to run low, the government imposed a ban on exports, and volumes reached their lowest point in May 22 with a 1.62 Mmt decrease YoY. However, exports finally rose in Jun, increasing by ~164 kmt YoY. Recently, the Indonesian government announced an increase in export quotas, allowing as much as 2.4 Mmt – will Indonesian exporters manage to fulfill the quotas in the coming months?

Indonesia Palm Oil & Olein Exports Between Nov 2021 & Jun 2022

Indonesia Palm Oil Exports 2022

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