Argentina Sunseed: The last Hope for Vegoils?


May 17, 2022 | Agricultural Markets News

Reading time: 1 minutes

Due to the conflict in Ukraine and Russia export tariffs, ~80% of all Sunseed supply is currently unavailable, leading to record Vegoils prices with the demand shifting to any & all supply available. Argentina also produces Sunseed, and demand for the product is increasing in 2022. Between Jan & Apr 2022, while Sunseed exports decreased 51% YoY, Sunseed Meal Pellets & Sunseed Oil increased by 90.1% & 53.3% YoY, respectively. However, export volumes remain low on a global scale and can only help alleviate the pressure on the Vegoils market momentarily.

Argentina Sunseed Complex Exports Between Jan & Apr 2022

Argentina Sunseed Exports Between Jan & Apr 2022

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