Argentina Is the Most Diversified Origin for Corn in Asia


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Argentina Corn competes with various origins in Asia. However, it does not lead all markets. Indeed, benefitting from trade agreements with Japan, the US remains the primary Corn provider despite exports decreasing 504 kmt YoY between Apr & Jul 22. On the other hand, Argentina increased its market share in Japan by raising exports by 383 kmt YoY. Meanwhile, Argentina thrives in Asia as it is the primary origin for South Korea & Vietnam Corn imports, boosting exports by 513 & 776 kmt, respectively. Overall, Argentina is the largest exporter of Corn in these countries for the period, increasing global volume by 1.6 Mmt YoY to a total of 6.3 Mmt. At the same time, the US exported 5.2 Mmt, and Brazil 768 kmt of Corn.

Argentina Corn Asian Importers Competition Between Apr & Jul 2022

Argentina Corn Asia Destinations Competitors Between Apr & Jul 22

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