Argentina Corn Takes More Market Share In Vietnam & Algeria


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In the first months of the 22/23 season, Argentina increased Corn exports to MENA countries as they lost the Ukraine Corn supply due to the conflict with Russia. Indeed, between Apr & Jul, Argentina increased Corn exports to Algeria & Egypt by 932 & 261 kmt YoY, respectively, despite intense competition from Brazil in the region. Moreover, Argentina Corn increased its market share in Asia, raising exports to Vietnam by 776 kmt YoY, South Korea by 512 kmt YoY, and Japan by 383 kmt YoY. Additionally, much like Brazil, Argentina boosted exports to MERCOSUR member countries by 747 kmt YoY, spread between Chile & Peru. With Brazil competing in MENA, which are Argentina’s Corn competitors in Asia?

Argentina Corn Top 10 Destination In 22/23 Between Apr & Jul

Argentina Corn Top 10 Destinations In 22-23

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