Agricultural Market Coverage – Week 22


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Are Algeria Wheat Imports Going to Decrease in 2022/23?

According to the Algerian Government, Algeria expects a rise in Wheat production to 3.2 Mmt YoY. This will reduce Algeria Wheat import needs in the coming marketing year. However, Algeria increased its monthly imports since the beginning of 2022, particularly in Jan & May, increasing by 104 kmt & 995 kmt respectively.  Despite a decrease in Feb & Mar (-80 kmt & -128 kmt YoY), Algeria Wheat Imports increased by 948 kmt in 2022 so far. Algeria has a substantial amount of Wheat available, and the additional 1 Mmt in production will help to decrease its need for Wheat imports. Therefore Wheat imports might decrease YoY, but only every so slightly across the full marketing year.


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2022 Algeria Monthly Wheat Imports

2022 Algeria Wheat Imports

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US Agricultural Exports Continue to Tumble

Since Jun 2021, US Agricultural monthly exports continued shrinking YoY due notably to the freight crisis, and 2022 seems to be continuing in that direction. US exports tumbled the most in Jan & May 2022, as they decreased 3.47 Mmt (-20.35%) & ~2.9 Mmt (-23.5%) YoY. Since the beginning of the year, US agricultural exports decreased a staggering 10 Mmt. As the US is acting on solving its supply chain difficulties, exports might not increase later in 2022, as the adverse Weather and late planting will have an impact on US Corn, Soybean, & Wheat production in 2022/23, and probably increase the already non-competitive US prices.

2022 US Agricultural Exports

2022 US Exports

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