Meet Sacha Prost, AgFlow’s New Chief Executive Officer


Dec 7, 2023 | AgFlow News

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AgFlow, a leader in agribusiness market intelligence, proudly presents Sacha Prost, appointed CEO in September 2023. Sacha succeeds to Nabil Mseddi, who stepped down to pursue new adventures, concluding several successful chapters at AgFlow. 

About Sacha Prost

Born in 1990, Sacha brings a wealth of experience as a Franco-Swiss entrepreneur with a dynamic background in tech and fashion. His entrepreneurial journey includes successfully establishing a renowned sportswear brand and leadership roles in growing companies within the financial sector.

Continuing the Journey of Innovation

Under Nabil’s direction, AgFlow has actively prepared for revolutionary advancements on our market intelligence platform. Sacha’s arrival marks a pivotal moment as we embark on this new chapter, enriched by his extensive experience and visionary leadership. Since assuming the CEO role in September 2023, Sacha Prost has built upon Nabil’s legacy by leading several transformative initiatives at AgFlow. Embracing a commitment to technological advancement and customer-centric solutions, Sacha has overseen the execution and delivery of crucial improvements. As we look ahead, AgFlow is poised to deliver a series of remarkable achievements in the coming months.

      • Usage-Based Pricing – we are introducing a flexible pricing model that enables users to pay based on their selected features, commodities, regions, and user counts. This personalized approach ensures cost-effectiveness and adaptability, allowing users to customize expenses. With a transparent price calculator, users gain a clear understanding of their chosen services, enhancing satisfaction and strengthening our competitiveness in the market intelligence sector.
      • AgFlow AI Chat – users will no longer need to sift through numerous market reports supplied by brokers and market analysts. Instead, they can extract all pertinent information about a commodity or a specific region within seconds, courtesy of AgFlow’s AI chat, ensuring swift access to tailored and comprehensive insights.
      • Market Intelligence Dashboards – designed to be customized according to specific use cases. These dashboards will enable users to swiftly grasp the fundamental dynamics of any given market by consolidating price, freight, supply and demand data, and more into a single, comprehensive view.
      • Expanded Coverage – in our efforts to offer a comprehensive market overview of the agribusiness sector, we are set to include a variety of new commodities, regions, and sources. Specifically, our expansion will encompass Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Biofuels, and Fertilizers, ensuring a thorough representation of the market landscape.

Sacha’s Vision for AgFlow

Sacha’s leadership is anchored in a vision that is customer-centric, resilient, and deeply collaborative. He articulates his commitment to AgFlow’s future: 

“AgFlow is committed to empowering agribusiness professionals globally by seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art market intelligence solutions into their daily operations, ensuring well-informed and profitable decision-making. This commitment to excellence benefits all stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain.”

We invite each of you to join us in our ongoing mission to drive innovation and set new standards of excellence in global trade, effectively transforming data into invaluable insights.

For further inquiries or to schedule an interview with Sacha Prost, please contact:

Annelise Bremme
Head of Marketing

About AgFlow

AgFlow is a leading agribusiness market intelligence provider. The company’s comprehensive price discovery, supply & demand, and freight features offer smart and actionable insights to sector-wide stakeholders. Thanks to unmatched information meticulously sourced from a transparent and exclusive network, AgFlow collects, cleans, standardizes, and offers convenient access to its unique datasets through its cutting-edge web-based platform and API solutions. AgFlow is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, at the heart of the commodities industry.

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