MasOceans SA signs MOU with AgFlow SA


Jul 13, 2022 | AgFlow News

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MasOceans SA and AgFlow SA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to formalize their engagement regarding the execution of the “The Partnership Project.” As a Maritime Agency in Geneva, Switzerland, MasOceans SA has been selected as one of AgFlow’s preferred Data partners. The partnership project will concern 3 main points of collaboration: data sharing, consultancy synergies, and articles collaboration.

Both parties have agreed to work together in good faith through joint and concerted cooperation in order to secure viable business opportunities.

The partnership between MasOceans and AgFlow aims to promote MasOceans and its port agents worldwide. By bringing reputable port agents who work closely with MasOceans into its network, AgFlow is trying to provide its clients with direct access to sources with a wealth of shipping experience and knowledge. Additionally, these sources will help customers access transparent and accurate line-up data to execute their trades more easily and confidently.

« By creating a safe and trustful environment for our clients through this partnership with MasOceans, we ensure our clients get the best data-based services for their operations, » says Elimane Kane, Head of Corporate Development at AgFlow.

About MasOceans (

MasOceans is a maritime ship agency based in Geneva, Switzerland, that represents proven local agents worldwide. Martaxelle Erussard founded MasOceans to solve customers’ shipping problems before they even happen by leveraging its partner agents and maritime network.

MasOceans lives to find solutions and to see the result of their reliable, frank, and reactive service – clients who are happy, satisfied, and can focus on their responsibilities, knowing their port needs are taken care of.

MasOceans Contact

Martaxelle Erussard, (Commercial Director)

About AgFlow (

Born out of the beliefs of fierce Ags proponents, AgFlow’s vision is to digitalize agricultural markets, and lead Humanity’s transition to a transparent and efficient global food supply chain. To achieve such a challenge, AgFlow initiated a collaborative data ecosystem that is powered by its many contributors, and where each contributor individually, can multiply the value of their own data using aggregation.

AgFlow was founded in 2013 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland. AgFlow offers a web-based intelligence platform and API access. We empower agricultural commodities producers, buyers, sellers, risk managers, investors, and movers with accurate, clean, and privileged data from trusted sources and make it immediately actionable.

AgFlow Contact
Elimane Kane, Head of Corporate Development

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