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Power your systems with the most comprehensive data series for grains, oilseeds, and vegoils

Bring your in-house models to the next level, plug in the most comprehensive data series available for cash prices and vessel lineups.

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Garbage in, Garbage out

Are you working with incomplete data series?

If you are struggling to collect data, to feed your systems, you are also probably working with incomplete data series, potentially including manual errors. In the end, without the right data, even the most sophisticated systems are not delivering on their promise.

You build the models; we bring the data

Feed your systems with the most complete data series available for cash prices and vessels lineups

With TrendDiscoveryAPI, pick precisely the data you need to feed your in-house models. You get a solution tailored to your system, only pay for what you need and plug it into your systems.

Focus on your models, and stop worrying about the data.

API Access

Tailored, fast and secure

Our API access enables you to source selected data in a fast and secure manner. Plug cash price or vessel lineups data directly in your systems without any human interference. Pay only for the data you need and be free to customize them as you want.

Less on data collection, more on market analysis

Get straight to the point with AgFlow.