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Utilize our network to track over 600 million tons of goods

Track and compare the latest exports, follow port situations, volumes captured, and import statistics sourced from key market players worldwide. With TradeFlows, you get access to global vessel lineups data that have been collected, cleaned and delivered for you onto a practical interface for grains, oilseeds and vegoils.

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Lacking data to forecast the market?

Forget about going through dozens of lineup files to make your supply & demand analysis

Supply and demand analysis means tracking import-export flows and contacting different agents, port authorities, inspection companies, and customs to get lineup files you want. When you finally receive the data (if you get it on time), before starting your analysis, you will still have to standardize the data, sometimes introducing manual errors in the process.

Always be aware of global supply and demand

Know how much each country is importing and exporting and make trading decisions accordingly

With TradeFlows, you will save hours-worth of research, data entry and manual correction every week.

Thanks to our daily updates, be the first to know crucial market data such as volumes shipped, origins and destination countries, and which exporters and importers are involved.

We do the leg work. You focus on your core activities.

Enhanced supply & demand analysis for traders, analysts and procurements managers

One Data Source

So that you don’t have to manually compute data and can focus on your core activities instead.

Structured Data Sets

That enable you to perform efficient analyses. Because each and every vessel lineup shares the same meta data structure. View evolutions of vessels lineups month by month, per products, per origin and destination countries.

Daily Updates

We upload 5 vessel lineups reports per day, so that you can get a quick understanding of market evolutions and be able adapt your sourcing and trading strategies faster.

Less on data collection, more on market analysis

Get straight to the point with AgFlow.

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