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Great decisions, great analytics. 

We’re changing the way you look at big data, so you can take command of your ROI.

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Why waste so much time when you can see your market in minutes?

Finding the right price point matters if you want to scale profitably. That is why having a solid network really pays off. AgFlow pulls a snapshot of the most accurate data direct from hundreds of key market players worldwide, so you don’t need to.

With over 60 000 new price points to track monthly, feel free to take charge of your productivity.


A Source You Can Always Rely On

Are you looking for real-time physical market data across grains, oilseeds and vegoils? The kind that’s transparent, secure and accessible wherever you go.

Well, this is the place to be. Innovation fuels our mission – to connect you with the right information, at the right time. 

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Latest FOB, CIF and Domestic Price Indications

Freight Rates

Market Reports

Commentary From Agricultural Experts and Influential Market Players

International Tender ResultsCommentary From Agricultural Experts and Influential Market Players

A unique platform that delivers more than just trading information

Need a new perspective on the forward cash market?

Take it easy; we got everything covered. Our proprietary technology also lets you explore, organize and visualize relevant data.

✔ Track delivery months across commodities and markets all year long.
✔ Convert premium prices to flat prices in any major trading currency.



✔ Connect with open data sources all around the globe in total transparency.

Time to dig deeper with Agflow’s historical database

We store valuable historical information for every price point we track. In fact, our data-crunching time machine goes back to 2013.

All regions, all commodities.

✔ Benchmark prices to support your business decisions.

✔ Customize historical charts and tables to your preferences.

✔ Understand and predict market trends over time.

Tailored to fit your business needs

Data-driven decisions made effortless.

Start working with real data today