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At last an unbiased benchmark for your Mark-to-Market

Complete cash forward curves, both for bid and ask prices on grains, oilseeds, and vegoils for Risk Managers.

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Struggling to benchmark your Mark-to-Market?

Challenge what internal stakeholders are reporting

Missing market price data and internal conflicts of interests make it challenging for Risk managers to perform their Mark-to-Market. And often, the asymmetry of information leads to presenting inaccurate data in P&L reports.

The end of information asymmetry

A stable and unbiased benchmark

Risk managers can access complete cash forward curves. Both for bid and ask prices on grains, oilseeds, and vegoils. Thanks to RiskManagementAPI, you get comprehensive, fair, and independent cash forward curves. This allows you to perform your Mark-to-Market. Select the tickers you need and plug them into your systems, thanks to our API access.

API Access

Tailored, fast and secure

Our API access enables you to source selected data in a fast and secure manner. Plug cash forward curves directly in your systems without any human interference. Pay only for the data you need and be free to customize them as you want.

Ease-of-mind for Risk Managers who want an unbiased Mark-to-Market

Complete Forward Curves

So you can get the data points you are missing in your forward curves. We provide you with extrapolations via API.

Mark-to-Market Benchmark

So that you can detect when the market is going out of an expected channel. By providing you with the missing price points, we enable you to systematically benchmarks all your positions against an unbiased source.

Machine Learning Technology

Access our proprietary machine learning models, so you don’t have to develop them internally.

Less on data collection, more on market analysis

Get straight to the point with AgFlow.