Looking for an addition to DTN’s data offer?

AgFlow’s API gives you and your team a genuinely global picture.

When opportunities are global, your data needs to be global too.
With TrendDiscovery API you can integrate AgFlow’s impartial and granular international data directly into your existing in-house system. So it’s quick and simple to make more informed trade decisions, build richer models and procure products at the best possible prices.

TrendDiscovery API is a great addition to DTN’s data offer, especially when your team is looking to expand out of the US. Our API provides you with cash price quotes, freight indications and trade flows for over 60 commodities in 200 countries, with up to 200,000 new data points added every month

Genuinely global, transparent data from sources you can trust

While DTN’s data offer is a great starting point for customers operating in the US alone, TrendDiscovery API gives you the international intelligence you need to expand across borders.

Thanks to AgFlow’s partnerships with a global network of trusted data contributors, you have access to the very latest, impartial, international cash price quotes, freight indications and vessel line-up data. The source of each data point is also listed transparently in our database. This means that you always know where your data is coming from and can reach out to contributors directly as needed.

More comprehensive and granular data

TrendDiscovery API provides information on cash price quotes, freight indications and trade flows for over 60 commodities in 200 countries, with up to 200,000 new data points added every month. Our quotes also provide you with the level of detail you need to make the best decisions and are automatically updated as soon as new data becomes available. So you can be confident that you’re working with the latest information.

Fully flexible access for your whole team

High subscription fees or terminal-based models often mean that internal data teams don’t have the data required to do their job. TrendDiscovery API ensures that all members of the team can benefit directly from granular, impartial data and make the best possible decisions.

We’ve made it our job to make your job easier

The markets never stop evolving, so neither do we. As a young, dynamic team, our strong networks and automated systems allow us to quickly respond to emerging customer needs. Looking to track a specific cash price that’s not yet included in our database? Let us know and we’ll be happy to build it in. In response to customer requests, we’re already working on integrating crop quality, weather, animal feed and rice data and we’d love to discuss your individual needs.

Plot 1: EU Corn Exports 2018

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Give your teams a genuinely global picture.

Eager to stay ahead of the competition?

To make the best international deals, you need the full global picture. PriceDiscovery is a user-friendly web platform that gives you access to more extensive and granular data sets, collated from a broad range of privileged and transparently listed agricultural data providers across the globe. 

This means that each month you have more than 150k new quotes on 60 grains, vegoils and oilseed commodities and over 25k freight quote indications at your fingertips. We provide you with the full specifications you need to make better decisions. And our data is updated several times a day. So you can be confident that you have the latest, transparent and actionable data you need to stay one step ahead.


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