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May 27, 2022 | Agricultural Markets

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Thomas Elder Market

Australian Grain Update – 27th May 2022

As we move throughout the year, we will be focusing on the new crop more and more, and so on a weekly basis, we will be putting an update on what is happening in the local market, with a focus on being quick to read.

The charts in this report are all the weekly averages, so they won’t reflect a particular day but the average of the week as we look towards trends. In this update, we will focus on three zones, Kwinana, Geelong and Port Kembla, as they give a reasonable spread around the country. We may add more in the following updates.

This week has been relatively quiet. There haven’t been massive changes that we have seen in recent times. A time to chill? Crop conditions in the US, improved by 1%. This is hardly anything to write home about, and the havering around the 27-30% good/excellent category in recent weeks. At this stage, improvements to the crop are liable to be minimal.

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