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Aug 4, 2022 | Agricultural Markets

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Russian/ukrainian war: Today is 162nd day and russian/ukranian tension/war is, unfortunately, still really so crucial/worrisome. Today and soon will be also so important to follow the developments ( hope and pray that this nuisance war will be over asap ) and reflections to our markets. Humanitarian food/vessel etc corridor for ukraine ???

Petrol: By yday, petrol was tumbled with profit-takings, stronger dollar, higher weekly us crude/gasoline stockpiles, resumed libyan/venezuelan output, underway chinese lockdowns and opec+ output hikes/us reserve releasings as well as global/us growth/demand/inflation/recession/interest rate hike concerns albeit china/usa tension on taiwan, no-iranian nuke deal yet/new us sanctions, embargo on russia, global tightness and geopolitical risks ( ru/ukr war ). Today, some ups are likely as still around 97.50 $/barrel for brent ( oct22 delivery ).

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