Sunflowers seed exports from Moldova over the last five years: rise and decline – June 22

Jun 22, 2022 | Agricultural Markets

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Agricultural land covers 3/4 of the Moldavian territory and agriculture remains the main pillar of the national economy.

According to TradeMap ( sunflower seed exports have initially increased over the past five years but have declined sharply in the recent two years. Between 2017 and 2019, the total volume of exports has increased by 11% but after which it has decreased by 45%:

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Various factors contribute to the decline including falling yields, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and geopolitical instability. Recently, the country suspended the export of wheat, flour, and sugar to ensure Moldova’s national food security until the next crop (Noi, 2022).

However, exports of sunflower seed will continue and are projected to have critical growth potential. In this connection the domestic exporting companies of Moldovan sunflower seeds and their customers are worth recognizing.  

The main addressees for Moldovan sunflower seeds in 2021 were: Turkey (115 thd. tons), Romania (79 thd. tons), Bulgaria (67 thd. tons), Serbia (17 thd. tons), Czech Republic (4 thd. tons).

The total number of Moldovan domestic sunflower seed exporting companies surpassed 75 in 2021. However, according to “Snowdrop Global” Consulting company research, five major companies exported about half of the total volume:

  1. a) CRIST-VALG – one of the largest exporters from Chisinau, which was also involved in fertilizing business. It’s export share for sunflower seeds made 5- 6% in 2021
  2. b) BIZ-AGRO – an agricultural company from Edinet with and export share in 2021 of 7%.
  3. c) OROM-IMEXPO – one of the leading traders of grains and oilseeds in Moldova Export share in 2021 – 9%.
  4. d) AGRO-NOVA PRIM – the second biggest sunflower seed exporter in the country, which is recorded in Chisinau. Export share in 2021 – 10%.
  5. e) RUSAGRO-PRIM is the main exporter of the sunflower seed and one of the largest agricultural and grain processing companies in Moldova. Export share – 14%.

Agriculture is developing in Moldova and the government is attempting to take it further. But the overall situation in the recent years does not reveal the full potential. To learn more on agricultural trade of Moldova and other countries please refer the ”Snowdrop Global” market researches and international trade data.

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