Lachstock | Daily Report on Grains

Aug 5, 2022 | Agricultural Markets

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Lachstock Consulting was founded in 2007 in Australia and specialized in the grain market. Using accurate research & market analysis, they produce grain market reports that aim to reduce your costs and increase profitability.

Chicago wheat was up 18.00usc/bu, Kansas rallied 23.40usc/bu while Minni gained 19.00usc/bu. Matif milling wheat gained EUR$5.25 while the Black Sea contract was up USD$0.75/mt. Corn was up 10.60usc/bu, beans were up 60.00usc/bu, meal was up USD$32.20/st and beanoil was up slighlty by 0.96usc/lb. Matif canola was up EUR$12.75/mt. The Dow lost 86 points and the Aussie went out at 0.69634

Global Highlights Markets have rallied mainly on the back of the underwhelming start to export corridor and the EU drought impact on corn production, with many estimates well below the USDA’s 68 million tonnes. Hot and dry weather continues to plague much of western Europe. More hot and dry weather is forecast in the coming weeks in key growing regions, including France, and is expected to cause further damage to crops already stressed by a dry spring and sweltering temperatures

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