Current update on the importation of maize into Turkey in the Fourth Quarter of 2021

Apr 4, 2022 | Agricultural Markets

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Turkey is the world’s leading exporter of Russian agricultural products (with a share of about 12%) and a total value of about 4.5 billion US dollars. The struggle for agricultural and food markets is one of the hidden causes of the worsening domestic politics on the European continent.

According to an analysis of Turkey national customs data (after consulting agency Snowdrop Global) the total maize imports exceeded over 518 thd. tons in the last quarter of 2021. The average price of imported goods during the period was around 0.31 USD/kg. The share of Ukrainian origin corn was about 45%, Russian – about 18%, the joint share of Romania and Moldova made about 15% in the total volume. The remainder came across other countries (Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, etc).

Generally, there are over 30 domestic operators in Turkey, bringing corn, but over 60% of the volume was imported by only 4 companies:

    1. ADM Besin Ve Tarim – a branch of an international corporation located in Antalya, importing maize from Spain and Ukraine.
    2. Dia Bakliyat – a fast-growing company from Gaziantep, which recorded a net sales revenue increase of 47.71% in 2021 and a total growth of 3.69% in total assets over the same period. Importer from Russia, Ukraine, and Romania.
    3. Er Makina Elektrik – an importer of goods mainly from Romania, Russia, Bulgaria.
    4. Toprak Mahsulleri Ofisi – the largest maize importer registered in Ankara.

The other importers (approximately 25) each have an import share of 05-1,0%.  

With a rapidly growing population, Turkey’s need for agricultural products will increase, and you can find various import and export reports from Snowdrop Global

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