The Rise of Argentina Barley Exports in 2021/22


Aug 24, 2022 | Agricultural Markets News

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Due to Canada Barley exports’ downfall, China—the largest Barley importer globally— relied even more on Ukraine Barley supply in 21/22. However, with the war in Ukraine blocking the supply, imports decreased severely, dropping by 912 kmt YoY. This situation benefitted Argentina & Australia the most, as exports to China surged 1.03 Mmt & 340 kmt YoY, respectively. Moreover, the US & Japan also promoted these pipelines, as Japan increased Australia Barley imports by 235 kmt YoY, and the US introduced Argentina Barley with 135 kmt in 21/22. Overall, Argentina & Australia allowed the US & Japan to increase Barley imports by 117 & 156 kmt YoY. Meanwhile, China is struggling without Ukraine or Canada, as imports decreased by 1.36 Mmt YoY.

Figure : China, Japan, US Barley Imports By Origin Between Aug 2021 & Jul 2022

China, Japan, & US Barley Imports By Origin MY 2021-22

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