Mexico Adds 1,229 Hectares of Sunflower


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At the end of 2019, Mexico was ranked as the 53rd producer in the world, producing 4,913 tons of seed, which represented 0.009% of world production and was obtained from 2,779 planted hectares. The leading producing states of Sunflower seeds in Mexico for 2019 were Guanajuato (33.24%), Jalisco (28.24%), Sonora (15.60%), Tamaulipas (8.67%), and Estado de México (7.53%); however, the crop has been reported for 12 states of the Mexican Republic, representing a production value of 35 million pesos. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates Mexico’s Sunflower Production at 8,000 tons in 2022/2023. 

Globally in 2019, according to the FAO data, Russia was the leading producer of Sunflower seeds in the world with 27.43% of world production, followed by Ukraine with 27.20%. These two countries concentrated 54.63% of the output. The third producing country, Argentina, is far from the first two, with only 6.82% of world production. The other two countries that complete the top 5 producing countries are Romania and China, with 6.37% and 4.32%, respectively.

In 2021, Mexico imported Sunflower Seeds worth $27 million, becoming the world’s 32nd most significant importer of Sunflower Seeds. In the same year, Sunflower Seeds was Mexico’s 707th most imported product. Mexico imports Sunflower Seeds primarily from: the United States ($12.5 million), Argentina ($10.8 million), Bulgaria ($3.6 million), Ukraine ($76.6k), and Canada ($37.4k). During the period, Mexico exported Sunflower Seeds worth $207k, making it the world’s 71st largest exporter of Sunflower Seeds.

Sunflower Support in Mexico

To promote the production of oilseeds in Zacatecas, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will support producers of the region in establishing 1,229 hectares of Sunflower. In the state, 1,229,750 pesos will be allocated to establish 1,229 hectares of Sunflower.

The support will be granted within the framework of the strategic project Attention to Agricultural Drought, which contemplates a Reconversion Plan for short-cycle crops and low demand for water resources, such as oilseeds. The scheme will apply in the states of San Luis Potosí, Sonora, Tamaulipas, and Zacatecas, which were chosen based on their participation in national production, productive potential, water availability, and effects due to drought.

With the objective of promoting the production of oilseeds in Zacatecas, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will provide 1,000 pesos per hectare and up to 20 hectares per producer. The State representative for Agriculture, José María Llamas Caballero, explained that the financing would benefit around 70 production units in Zacatecas. The support may be granted to producers from any municipality in the state, who can already submit their request from the date until the budget sufficiency is exhausted.

The economic resource must be destined to acquire Sunflower seeds for planting. This support will be granted within the strategic project Attention to Agricultural Drought framework, which considers an Oilseed Attention Plan which will boost the production of Sunflower, safflower, sesame, and soybeans in the states of San Luis Potosí, Sonora, Tamaulipas, and Zacatecas.

Llamas Caballero explained that the strategic project Attention to Agricultural Drought consists of a care plan with economic support for agricultural producers to establish crops, preferably with a short cycle and low water consumption, and aimed at perennial forages, such as prickly pear cactus, banderita grass, and oilseeds.

This strategic project aims to mitigate the effects of recurring agricultural drought and the Package against Inflation and Famine (Pacic) announced by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in May of the last year. Interested producers can go to the nearest Rural Development District (DDR) or Rural Development Support Center (Cader) to submit their applications.

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