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Data Partners

SGS Group

SGS is the worlds leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 85 000 employees, SGS operated a network of over 1800 offices and laboratories around the world

Brokerage Firms

ABK Agentur für Getreide und Futtermittel GmbH

The company ABK Agentur für Getreide und Futtermittel GmbH with office in Hamburg was founded in 1976. For almost four decades we are dealing in the national and international agricultural business, including grains, feedstuffs, vegetable oil and seeds. Based on our long experiance we have deep knowledge of the market and stable connections with our partners.

Aboissa Vegetable Oils

Founded in 1987, Aboissa Vegetable Oil, showing innovative work comes to the market in oils, fats and derivatives. With a team of skilled professionals, it keeps its customer base always well advised and updated with the best business opportunities in the domestic and international markets.

Actava Trading

Actava Trading’s primary activity is the brokerage of the physical deliveries of agricommodities whereas we act as a free market agent servicing both sides of the trade with the latest market supply offers and purchasing demand. Whilst being at the peak of the information flow, our brokers are always ready to assist with the latest market news, analysis, and forecasts. We are also ready to represent and act as your agent in the various international tenders, interventions, and auctions. Our deep involvement in the global markets means that apart from brokerage Actava Trading team is always ready to assist our clients with finding of suitable counterparties for freight, port handling, superintendent and any other services needed when finalizing a trade. Our completion team is there 24/7/365 days a year to facilitate a problem free execution of the deals, starting from drawing up a contract and nominating a vessel to discharging of the cargo at the final destination.

Adriacom SA

Swiss-based brokerage firm active in the Black Sea and East Med markets for proteins and feedstuff.

Agniel Commodities

Originating grains, oilseeds and processed products for food and feed consumers worldwide from growers and exporters in every major agricultural origin market. Providing sourcing expertise in fish meal, fish oil and marine ingredients for feed and nutraceutical applications. Collaborating with traders, supply chain managers, and consumers to achieve cost efficient purchasing, whether FOB or CIF, via truck, rail, barge, container or bulk vessel. Sean Mulford – [email protected], Lucien Agniel – [email protected]

Agranda International

Over the years, we have developed important contacts throughout the industry with the best and most reputable grain trading suppliers and consumers in various parts of the world, including Central and Eastern Europe, Middle Asia, South Africa and Middle East. Our trading experience combined with our significant buyer/seller network enables us to provide the vital link between buyers and sellers which helps to obtain an efficient and positive outcome for all parties involved.

Agribrokers International

Agribrokers International is a joint venture between Comdaq Agricommodities and Allgrain Brokers (both companies started in the mid 1990s, and merged together in 2010). The company is active as broker in international cash grain markets. We inform originators/shippers, trading companies and industries about markets in order to find the best possible ways of marketing and purchasing of raw materials such as wheat, barley and corn. Although focused on Europe and the Black Sea area the company has a world wide scope. Located in the Netherlands 11 brokers are daily looking for opportunities in the different markets they cover. They create a platform to discuss crops, supply-demand, prices and possibilities to trade. Two administrative people handle contract confirmations and assist in execution of the contracts. The combination of youth, eagerness and experience makes the team professional and dedicated to the job.


Petar Dimitrov is the Managing Director and Senior Broker of Agricore Ltd, Bulgaria. Graduated the University of Economics with bachelor’s degree with Excellency. He attended also special training and theoretical courses in the trading and agricultural industry in Bulgaria and Cambridge(UK). Speaks three languages and frequently gives presentations at numerous conferences in Bulgaria and abroad. Broad experience and knowledge of the Bulgarian, Black Sea and international grain and oilseeds market. Founder of the first independent commodity brokerage company in Bulgaria widely recognized worldwide with its good reputation. Broad international and local contacts with the trade, farmers, investors and banks. Great Liverpool supporter and keen football player himself.

Agrinvest Commodities

A Agrinvest Commodities nasceu da fusão com a Corretora M.Monteiro Ltda, presente no mercado físico e leilões do governo federal desde 1987. Assim, em 2004, a Agrinvest Commodities surge associada à Bolsa Brasileira de Mercadorias – BBM, para se tornar a primeira corretora brasileira a entrar para a GAFTA – Grain and Feed Trade Association, sediada em Londres. Estamos na Global Asset Advisors – GAA, organização internacional focada em hedging, investimento em commodities agrícolas e informações de mercado. Somos credenciados com um Introducing Broker (IB) da RJO’brien, uma clearing norte-americana fundada em 1914, atuando diretamente na CME GROUP (CME/CBOT/NYMEX/COMEX), em Chicago nos Estados Unidos. Contamos com a parceria exclusiva da Daniels Trading (DT) – corretora de Chicago especializada em hedging de commodities agrícolas com vasta experiência de mercado. Atuamos junto à empresas e instituições financeiras que proporcionam linhas de crédito para operações de hedging e comérc

AgriPro Limited

Faik Genç has been in the commodities business for 29 years. He began his career at Sabancı Group’s London based trading company in 1985. He left the company as Commercial Director in 1996. Moving to Turkey, he joined a major softseed crusher/refiner Doysan A.Ş. as Commercial Director and became General Manager in 1999. He took an active role in establishment of joint-venture with ADM in 2000 and he was appointed Chief Operating Officer of ADM/Turkey following ADM’s total acquisition of the company. In 2003, he left ADM and the vegoils sector. He returned to agri commodities by setting up AgriPro, in 2008. Faik Genç is a former Board Member/Vice Chairman of BYSD (Turkish Vegetable Oils Industrialists Association). AgriPro Limited provides transparent brokerage and consultancy to the fats & oils industry, publishing regular reports which are sold to over 50 companies

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Brokers in agricultural products specialised in the eastern Europe origin/ Mediterranean destination cereal market

Agropa Trading

Agropa Trading is an independent brokerage company specializing in agricultural commodities. With a particular strength in agricultural products trading, Agropa Trading is covering a broad range of agricultural commodities including cereals (wheat, corn, barley, millets), oilseeds, vegetable oils, pulses, and feedstuff. With our highly experienced staff, we are covering all the main agricultural markets such as Europe, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea as well as Asian and Persian Gulf Destinations. We are covering both bulk and container markets. In performing our duties, we adhere to the best international practices by GAFTA and FOSFA terms.


Agrosud is one of the leading international agriproduct and food brokerage companies in South America, supported by over 45 years of experience generating efficient and transparent transactions.

Our team of 40 brokers is constantly focused on the promotion of agricultural and food products among the different world markets.

America Corretora

A América Corretora está presente no mercado de commodities agrícolas desde 1997.

O trabalho da corretora se dá em intermediar negócios de commodities a granel, os principais produtos são Soja , Farelo de soja, Milho, Oléo de soja, Trigo e Sorgo.

Contamos com um leque de diversas empresas nacionais e também multinacionais, se especializando em diversas qualidades de farelo de soja, principalmente o material não transgênico (non-gmo).

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Anton Commodities SAGL

World leading commodities broker, specialising in wheat trading & marketing. Important international player in the trade of several other agricultural commodities, including corn, soya and sugar. With headquarters in Miami, USA and Lugano, Anton Commodities SAGL operates in the following main business industries: International trading of agricultural products, through crucial political and commercial relations worldwide, Group handled over 5.2 MMT in 2014 (durum wheat, soft wheat, corn, etc) considerably developing its presence in overseas markets: Cuba 15%, Turkey 11%, Venezuela 10%, Argentine 7.5%, Brazil 8.25%, Mexico 14.2% and others. Support for several international major groups for opening new markets and increasing portfolio & turnover. Key part of new production of durum wheat in Argentina coming from new crop of 2016; Involved with 5 big producers with a potential of 150KT for export. We traded 272KT of sugar (white cane & raw) from several suppliers to different destinations

Aquitaine Courtage

French-based brokerage firm active across all French products, delivered and FOB markets

Ary Oleofar

Ary-Oleofar Corretora was founded in October 1979. Located in São Paulo, Capital, is one of the oldest established brokerage houses in Brazil. We act as Brokers in the Soya Complex, Wheat, Corn, Sugar and Alcohol, both domestically and for export.

A constant and up-to-date flow of information is ensured through our networt of contacts in the far east, Europe and USA. Our client base includes Producers, Crushers, Shippers and end users.

Athena Tradewinds

Ukraine is the largest exporter of Sunflower oil in the world. Athena Tradewinds holds its niche in selling Sunflower oil to India and Middle East destinations. We also hold expertise in selling Ukrainian Sunflower meal, Corn, Yellow Peas to various destinations.

Belgrano Commodities

A BELGRANO Commodities iniciou suas atividades no mercado de commodities agrícolas em 2011 na cidade de Paranaguá. Hoje, conta com escritórios nas cidades de Curitiba e Arapoti no estado do Paraná e em Porto Alegre no Rio Grande do Sul.

Atua como corretora na intermediação de compra e venda de commodities agrícolas (soja em grão e derivados, milho e trigo) nos mercados interno e externo.


Israel-based brokerage firm active in food and feedstuff products from the Black Sea to the East Med.


Established in 2012, BosforGrain Agricultural Commodities is a full service physical cash brokerage providing supply and sales expertise in grains, oilseeds, feedstuff and oils.Established in 2012, BosforGrain Agricultural Commodities is a full service physical brokerage providing supply and sales expertise in grains, oilseeds, feedstuff and oils.

Providing reliable service BG provides a proven service that has evolved alongside the markets.


Em 1989 o Brasil iniciou uma nota etapa. Uma época de renovação. Mais do que uma formal a abertura de mercados, o país acreditou na oportunidade de crescimento.

E foi assim que surgiu a Cerealpar: uma companhia com atuação global no comércio de cereais que há mais de 23 anos contribuí ao país no mercado de agronegócios. A história do agronegócio no Brasil é a nossa história.


We are an international brokerage/consultancy company bundling over 20 years of active trading/logistics experience on the agricultural market. Our focus is set on the Black Sea origin (Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldovia, Serbia for both, coasters as well as handy or panamax vessels. Our products include milling wheat, feed wheat, feed barley, corn, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, flax (linseeds), vegetable oil and many more.

Conecta Agro Corredora

Conecta es una empresa que actúa en el corretaje de cereales producidos en Paraguay.
Conocemos la administración de silos, con abrangencia en toda la cadena comercial, experiencia adquirida con 5 años de trabajo en el medio norte del estado de Mato Grosso (Brasil) y 14 años en el mercado de soja en Paraguay.

Copenhagen Merchants

CM Hamburg, which is located in the middle of the old, historical warehouse district, was founded in 2015 and is thus the most recent brokerage unit of the Copenhagen Merchants Group. The main focus of the Hamburg office is on German import and export markets for grains. The product area covers milling wheat, feed wheat, feed barley, corn, milling rye, feed rye, triticale and oats. CM Hamburg guarantees excellent knowledge of the German grain markets and its execution and logistics. The team has extensive experience within the German import and export markets and will in collaboration with the offices in Copenhagen, Tallinn and Madrid be a valuable partner in all the European grain markets. The customer network includes cooperatives as well as national and international trading houses and consumers.


Argentina-based brokerage firm active in all products on FOB markets in Argentina and South America.

CS Commodity Solutions Ltd

Brokers of grains and their co-products to the Grain and Feed trade across the UK and International Markets

Dellagro Corretora

Brazil-based brokerage firm.


Cover N.EU/Baltic/Iberia Fob/Ciffo markets from 3/4k up to 50/60k


Created in 1911 by Jean Emeric, broker in cereals, The EMERIC company went through every historic event of this century – as the monopoly of the wheat created by the ONIC in 1936 and experiences, since 1938 an important expansion. It constantly extended its field of operation to the international: sole agent of BIG MOULINS of DAKAR in the 1950s, then it takes part in the Italian market and in the stock exchange of Milan at the beginning of the 60s. It is one of the first brokerage firm to intervene regularly on the Spanish market at the beginning of the 80s and works on the markets of Black Sea, Australia and Canada since 2003. Today, it contributes to numerous operations from and to the European Union and the third countries. The specialization of its brokers by product (wheat, durum, oleaginous and feed grains) is a guarantee of professionalism and efficiency of EMERIC on these various markets.

Feed and Grain Agri Brokers

Dealing in all type of Agro products Like: Grains, Pulses, Rice, Oil seeds, Oils, Extractions / Feed Mill Ingredients, Sugar, Cattle Feeds & Cotton. We have vast and extensive export experience of Agro commodities from India to destination markets of Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, china, Shilanka, Indonesia UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Singapore and U.S.A.

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Grain Services Srl

Grain Services is a leading Italian brokerage company of cereals and cereal products nationally and internationally. Our company has been dealing in more than 60 years in ensuring plans of supply for major food industries in the north and central Italy and is a leading player, at European level, in terms of market share, in quality and comprehensiveness of the consulting services offered. We work with the most important multinational import and export operators of Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, USA, Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina and devoting the same attention to small-medium sized business.

Grainday Limited

We are dedicated grain & feed stuff brokers & consultants, serving the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea & Near East Regions while cooperating through our network with well established market players from medium size companies to multinational corporations.

Granoeste Corretora

Brazil-based brokerage firm.

Granopar Corretora

Granopar Corretora is a brokerage house located in Curitiba (Paraná) founded in 1982. For over 30 years we’ve been working on finding the best solution in agro business for our customers, always protecting both sides, as much impartial as it’s possible. Our mission is to give to our customers the necessary information and possibility to do the best, most reliable and most profitable negotiation.

Gtrade System Suisse

Born on January 2000, GTRADE is a Brokerage and Consulting Company for the grains market, with the main office in Lugano, Switzerland.

Gtrade has an integrated system of information and service managed by brokers, market analysts and execution officers with years of experience in the international trade of grains and other agicoltural  commodities.

We operate mainly in  European Community, North Africa and we are originating offers from Black Sea countries, Canada, US.A., Australia.

Guillen Broker

OLIVE OIL Broker. Specialized in Spain, Argentina, Chile, North Africa, USA and India. MBA Booth School of Business, University of Chicago. J.D. Law, University of Seville. Marketing Manager MARS Inc Puerto Rico & Buenos Aires. District Manager RANDSTAD Madrid. Exec Manager SURGENIA Tech Center Cordoba. Partner SOTOLUZ Industrial real estate Seville. Languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese.

Iderson Services

Morocco-based brokerage firm.

Intra Oils and Fats

INTRA OILS & FATS SDN BHD is a Malaysian registered brokerage house. We take pride in the fact that we are the first brokerage house in Malaysia that is professionally run by an experienced team of traders. Our objective is to create an efficient and transparent edible oils and fats brokerage. Our team is led by professionals with such varied experience that they can complement your every requirement.


French-based brokerage firm.

Keay Commodities

Keay Commodities is a newly established cash grain brokering business, specialising in the barley and canola markets. The company is owned and managed by Bryan Keay who has extensive experience in the trading and marketing of barley and canola, having recently been employed as Trading Manager for barley and canola at both CBH Grain and Gavilon Grain. With recent first hand trading and marketing experience to all the major destinations including Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Kuwait, Europe, Pakistan, UAE and Bangladesh, Keay Commodities aims to utilise this experience to provide its clients with valuable market insight that can potentially add value to their operations.

Koepta Brokers

Koepta Capital is an agricultural commodities brokerage house as well as a consulting company for companies operating in the agricultural field. It was founded at the end of 2005 and it has been fully operative on the Romanian market since January 2006. The headquarters are located in Bucharest.

Lotema Brokerage

Lotema Brokerage is a physical commodity broker of grains, pulses and animal feed. Our customers are traders and consumers in the Middle East and Asia. We supply our customers from multi origin sources including Australia, Europe, Black Sea and India.

Malouine de Courtage

Founded in 1999, Malouine de Courtage  is a brokerage firm dedicated to developing trading activity in the french food processing industry.

The protein center was created in 2001 and further developed when Laurent Dugué took over in 2003.

We have been present on the interational market since 2008 when we extended our commercial activities to Europe and the Black Sea.  We expanded further in 2010 by creating our shipping logistics unit.

Moema Corretora de Grãos

Atuando há 17 anos na prestação de serviços na área de cereais, a Moema corretora de grãos, consolida-se como referência no mercado. Atuamos facilitando processos, buscamos a melhor informação e o melhor momento para comprar e vender. Consideramos sua real necessidade, trazendo a você resultados satisfatórios com o melhor negócio para ambas as partes. Nossa maior conquista é a sua confiança em nosso trabalho, que faz parte de um processo diário. A paixão pelo que fazemos é o que nos move, por isso solucionamos problemas com agilidade, garantindo a sua plena satisfação.

Northstar Brokerage

Northstar Brokerage is a privately owned company operating worldwide as a soft commodity broker, service and solution provider for the international agricultural markets. We are specialized in cereals, feed stuff and vegetable oils on the physical delivery basis.

Oleocom GmbH

Germany-based oilseeds brokerage firm.

R&S Commodities

We are brokers in Soya meal/pellets, Rape meal and Sun meal/pellets. We are active as a company in this field since 1992 but our complete staff has been in this trade much longer.

Rovergrains AG

Swiss-based durum and wheat brokerage firm.

Soyabrokers V.o.f

Soyabrokers, established in 2007, is one of the leading commodity brokerage companies in the global protein market. Our experienced team will do their utmost to serve you in the best possible way to enable you to make YOUR business as profitable as possible.


Through our expanding global presence, Starfuels strives to provide first hand spot-market information to its customers, allowing them access to information that can make a difference in their decision making process. Starfuels operates 24 hours a day in all time zones. Our customers require cutting edge information in order to support their strategic purchasing or selling decisions. Starfuels focuses on Oil, Biofuels, Grains, Metals, Environmental Products, Coal and Soft and Agro Commodities. Our offices are located in Singapore, London, Geneva, Rotterdam, New York, Houston and Florida.


Taurum is a young and dynamic international brokerage company working in the physical agricultural commodity markets. We work closely with farming companies, crush plants, trading houses, importers, processors and consumers to deliver the best possible market coverage. We are a niche company focused primarily on feedstuffs markets, with a strong emphasis on long term, honest and transparent working relationships and efficient and seamless contract execution.


UniMerchants is a commodity broker within the international grain and feed industry. With offices in Denmark, Poland and Lithuania, we assist compound feed producers, trading houses, millers and malsters all across Europe, with trading, execution and logistics.

V&V Commodities

V&V COMMODITIES is an international broker in cereals and peas.

Our team is experienced in the international trade in commodities and/or purchase of raw material in the feed compound industry and the milling industry.

Our objective is to assist our clients with the imports, trade and purchase of cereals for the feed compound industry, as well as the milling and starch industry. We operate mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Supplies come from various Western European countries.

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Veles Agro

Ukraine-based brokerage firm.



Cepea is a research center of the University of São Paulo located at ESALQ in Piracicaba, São Paulo state.It is focused on agribusiness issues considering a diversity of related subjects: market analysis and price discovery, international trade, macroeconomics, management strategies, environmental and social aspects, entrepreneurship and family farming. Cepea is formed by a group of well-trained specialists that have been collecting and analyzing data from primary sources for more than 15 years. Cepea releases on a daily basis a set of price indexes which are widely used by farmers, agribusiness agents and by the government. Cepea’s staff includes roughly 140 professionals: Esalq’s faculties, PhDs, graduate and undergraduate students, specialists in communication and information technology. Cepea’s work is based on close interaction between the researcher and the community being studied.


The Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of Goiás (FAEG) is a higher-level entity, non-profit whose sole purpose, representing the farmers. It is part of the System of the Confederation of Livestock and Agriculture of Brazil (CNA), government entity that represents Brazilian farmers and ranchers, along with 26 other federations. The FAEG is a private institution made up of Rural Unions of 127 municipalities in Goiás and working in 246 municipalities in the state. It represents 60,000 goianos farmers.


FranceAgriMer, national institution of agricultural products and the sea, carries out its missions on behalf of the State, linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. These missions consist mainly in promoting dialogue within sectors of agriculture and forestry, to ensure knowledge and organization of markets, and to manage national and Community public aid


O IMEA – Instituto Mato-grossense de Economia Agropecuária é um instituto privado sem fins lucrativos do sistema Famato em parceria com a Aprosoja, Ampa e Acrimat, criado em 1998 e reestruturado em 2008, com sede em Cuiabá-MT. Realizamos estudos e projetos socioeconômicos e ambientais em todo o território mato-grossense, através de um sistema de coleta, processamento e análise de dados produzindo informações estratégicas do agronegócio para as entidades mantenedoras.

JCI China

Based in Shanghai Pudong New District, Shanghai JC Intelligence Co. Ltd. (JCI) provides economic information and trade consultation to various organizations since its foundation on May 17, 2002, along with its core business centered in China’s agriculture. JCI provides extensive information of whatsoever concerning trade with China’s agricultural industry, and intensive insight into agricultural products, such as corn, wheat, soybean and other articles potentially important to traders. In order to help all the related staffs know more and learn better about Chinese agriculture, we wholeheartedly offer our clients with both online and offline services, which respectively refer to network information release/online help and information consultation by phone. The mission of every JCI member has always been to go ahead of the market and create values for our customers.

US Wheat Associates

U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) is the export market development organization for the U.S. wheat industry. USW promotes the reliability, quality and value of all six U.S. wheat classes to wheat buyers, millers, bakers, food processors and government officials in more than 100 countries around the world. USW does not buy, sell nor process wheat; we do help make it easier for everyone else who does. USW proudly represents the hard-working farm families that produce enough wheat every year to fill American tables, while still supplying a leading share of world wheat trade. Every Friday, U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) compiles information from market sources, including U.S. wheat exporters of all classes from various U.S. ports. The prices represent the value of number two grade and the proteins indicated. These prices are not intended to represent offers nor should importers of U.S. wheat rely upon them as such.


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), also known as the Agriculture Department, is the U.S. federal executive department responsible for developing and executing federal government policy on farming, agriculture, forestry, and food. It aims to meet the needs of farmers and ranchers, promote agricultural trade and production, work to assure food safety, protect natural resources, foster rural communities and end hunger in the United States and internationally.