Data Visualisations Adapted to the Needs of
Agri Market Professionals

A Unique View Into Forward Cash Markets

AgFlow has developed a unique proprietary tool to display forward cash markets. We like to call it the Cash Price Table. This visualisation allows you to track all shipment months across commodities and markets.

Features of the Cash Price Table

Build Your Flows

You can access all of AgFlow’s data with our search bar. Enter your search criteria to build the Cash Price Table of your needs, and save it to your Flows (favourites) for easy access

Conversion Tools

AgFlow uses Futures closes and live forex to allow you to convert Premium prices to Flat prices in any of the major trading currencies.

Easy Filters & Sorting

You can sort the prices as you prefer in order to reveal protein level spreads, vessel class spreads, or to compare origins or destinations. Choose between containers or bulk, AgFlow adapts its tables to your needs.

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Ocean Freight Rate Matrixes

AgFlow has built a time-charter-equivalent ocean freight model. Use it to track freight rates in USD/ton across Wheat, Corn, Soybeans, and Barley major routes for 3 vessel sizes. AgFlow is working to extend lineups to more origins. Next in line are Argentina and Romania.

Features of the Freight Matrixes

Load & Discharge Rates

The Freight Matrixes always specify the Load and Discharge rates for the ports, allowing you to compare your own freight data to our model.

Port Drafts

Each destination port is presented with its draft in feet. AgFlow uses the smallest draft available for each vessel class.

Compare Vessel

Easily compare 3 vessel classes for the same voyages. AgFlow currently runs its model for Handy 28k, Supra 52k, and Panamax 74k.

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Port Lineups

AgFlow has developed a Port Lineup visualisation tool and partnerships with port agents and logistics companies in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey and Russia.

Features of Port Lineups

Current Lineup and Sailed Vessels

AgFlow allows you to explore and filter all vessels currently at the ports in a given country. See the total handled and drill down the data for a more precise view of the port situation. Explore historical sailed vessels, giving you an unprecedented access to historical export data from key origins.

Overview Tables

Compare the total volume currently handled and the historical sailed vessels by selected month, chartering company or destination. Get a summary overview of the total volume exported as you need it.

Easy Filters

Filter the line-up and historical vessel data to match your needs. See the vessels for a given charterer, a destination, a specific time period. Data granularity for your benefits.

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