Unlock Your Information Capabilities

Track the reference cash grains, oilseeds and vegoils markets through interactive charts and data tables.

Built for cash traders

AgFlow is a web-based information platform dedicated to the needs of people involved in cash grains, oilseeds and vegoils trading.

Global Market Data At Your Fingertips

Every day, world-class brokers and respected information agencies provide reference market values on AgFlow.
Cash Markets

40+ brokers provide us with daily cash quotations on grains, oilseeds and vegoils markets.

Market Directory

800+ industry professionals already enjoy AgFlow and share their contact details with you.

Chart Builder

Create, customize and export charts to visualize trends and spreads within your markets of interest

Market Calendar

See what the industry is up to with a calendar of upcoming tenders and industry events.

AgFlow is an innovative market information platform for professionals involved in the trading of grains, oilseeds and vegoils. Sign up for a free trial now to discover AgFlow!

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