Are you a professional involved in the international physical trading of agricultural products, constantly on the look for the information edge? AgFlow is your partner company, dedicated to answering your market data needs, with innovation and elegance.

Cash market information at your fingertips

Navigate global agricultural cash markets in a user-friendly interface, and access reliable market data from information providers located around the globe.


Analytics that capture market dynamics

A well-built chart can speak a thousand words. AgFlow serves you elegant graphics that capture cash market insights.


Participate to unlock your information capabilities

In today’s commodity markets, information is power. AgFlow is the place which lets you break the news, and highlight your expertise to the rest of the market.


Data Network

AgFlow works with information partners around the globe to provide reliable and timely market analytics. Our success as a neutral third-party information provider lies in offering best-in-class experience for credible information providers to share data on the AgFlow environment.

If your company is a leading player in a given region or product line,
AgFlow is the place for you to build a presence on for three reasons:

1. Focus : Feature your name and activity in front of professionals directly involved in your area of expertise.

2. Impact: Participate in the formation of key market analytics used by the trade.

3. Speed: Update information on your markets as regularly as required.

To take part, contact us on

Agflow in the press

For press enquiries, contact us - Startup of the Week: AgFlow - "Geneva based AgFlow launches first participative market intelligence platform for global physical agriculture trading."
Article sur le lancement de AgFlow dans la section financière du Temps.

The Agflow Team

Our team comprises young, dynamic and multi-cultural entrepreneurs together with experts in agricultural markets.

James Dunsterville
Co-Founder & Chairman
James has served the agriculture trading industry with information and networking services for 30 years. He founded the Global Grain conferences and the AgriNews daily cash market report.
Siavosh Arasteh
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Siavosh is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, and manages AgFlow's business development.
Nicolas Carteron
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Nicolas is in charge of operations and oversees AgFlow product development and user experience.
Robert Zaremba
IT Leader
Robert leads AgFlow’s software development. He is obsessed with building scalable and responsive IT systems.
Yves Lange
Front-end lead
Yves focuses on both server and client side front-end development. Parallel to this, he is building a charting library to visualise trade data based on D3js.
Hugo Torres
Backend Engineer
Hugo is an experienced Backend Engineer who loves to solve complex challenges. He mainly works on data computation and feature development.
Thomas Martins Ceglia
Project Manager
Thomas is AgFlow's Project Manager for Brazil. His position involves key account management, sales, and support.
Cansu Isak
Project Manager
Cansu is AgFlow's Project Manager for Turkey. Her position involves key account management, sales, and support.
Daniel Roditi
Project Manager
Daniel works on AgFlow's online and offline marketing strategy and is part of the Business Development team.
Raymond Rogers
Raymond has extensive experience serving multinational trading companies with ags market research. He advises AgFlow on information management.
Pascal Dutheil
CTI Advisor
As part of Switzerland CTI program, Pascal advises AgFlow on product positioning and partnerships.

Get in touch

AgFlow SA is located in Geneva, in the heart of the Lemanic international commodity trading hub.

AgFlow SA

Boulevard St. Georges 72, 1205 Geneva.
Tel: +41 (0)22 3294161

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